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Online tutoring companies can generate and create a wider and more focused efforts to Top Line growth, by having a partner like eSolve.

eSolve’s experience and processes address the concerns of Online tutoring companies like seeking stability in operations, minimal involvement in day to day tutoring engagements and addressing the challenges raised at tutor recruitment and training, tutor attrition and session quality.


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Tutoring Team

The average number of years a tutor spends at eSolve is 4.1

Apart from the fundamental requirements of being qualified and good with the subject, what differentiates tutors at eSolve is their intent to work in the field and choose it as a career option.



More than 70% of tutors from eSolve get approved by clients for delivery, speaks volumes about our hiring and training process

Completely customized to our clients’ needs the process of selection at our end absorbs all the challenges. What you get to see is a prospect tutor, who has gone through various stages of selection and elimination. The potential tutors are presented to our clients only if eSolve is completely satisfied with the tutor performance on the variables that our clients share with us.



The prospect tutor becomes eligible to be present to our clients for screening, only after we are satisfied with the training result.

eSolve’s training process is unique. With over 1.5 lakh tutor training hours behind us, eSolve understands and executes the tutor skill requirement very acutely. The prospect tutors go through a rigorous schedule and efforts through weeks of training and assessments ON Subject and Tutoring. The training process extends even during the time when tutor is live in the tutoring process.



Tutor Development is the key to reap long term benefits and maximizing customer lifetime value.

eSolve meticulously executes indigenously developed methods to manage and set benchmarks internally for delivery of tutoring sessions. eSolve literally runs a parallel quality process, with our clients’ already existing ones.


Delivery Center

Our global delivery center, is equipped with all the basic infrastructure required for online tutoring.


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eSolve has been the pioneer in understanding the pain points of eTutoring companies and creating solutions and process, to address them. eSolve was early to realise a need for a Centre Of Excellence (COE) for delivering Online Tutoring due to the challenges faced by the conventional delivery model adopted at early stages of the industry.